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Global Alliance

  • International alliance for collaboration between the various initiatives around the world devoted to acidic drainage
  • Launched at 6thICARD – July 2003
  • PADRE has been invited to become the European nexus for the Global Alliance
  • Members of the Global Alliance are:
  • PADRE – Partnership for Acid Drainage Remediation in Europe
  • INAP – International Network for Acid Prevention
  • ACMER – The Australian Centre for Minerals Extension and Research
  • MEND – Mine Environment Neutral Drainage
  • ADTI – Metal Mining Sector and Coal Mining Sector
  • WRC – The Water Research Commission of South Africa
  • SANAP – South American Network for Acid Prevention
  • CNAMD – Chinese Network for Acid Mine Drainage
  • INAD – Indonesian Network for Acid Drainage

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